Aptinex makes a significant contribution to the business world in its role as a value-adding partner to its clients. Aptinex continues to provide technologies that respond to customers need in increasingly sophisticated, divers and rapidly changing technological fields. Recognizing the people as the most important element of productivity in any organization; Aptinex is continuously committed to cultivate and educate the leaders of tomorrow by specialising in developing and implementing their own unique system of employee training.

Aptinex is now successfully expanding its network of local & international partners, by getting closer to our clients both directly & indirectly. Aptinex helps organizations and professionals around the globe to leverage the power of technology by placing highly qualified electronic engineers, embedded programmers, project managers, and analysts at their fingertips. Our specialists make use of the existing industrial standards too, in enhancing the high quality of our products and services.

Aptinex provides state of the art electronic, embedded, customized software & web solutions to leading companies in Europe, North America and Asia. We have been able to win the confidence and build strong relationships with our customers within a short period of time. While fulfilling the needs of our global clientèle we continuously engage in research and development activities to introduce new products using modern techniques and technology.

Our Vision

To bring the world’s latest and most sophisticated Technology solutions to your doorstep through our team of specialists to make vast improvements to business productivity, profitability and make all operations simple, smooth, easy and eventually bestow the absolute customer satisfaction.

Our Technology

We make every effort to be in par with the latest developments in global technology and maintain the highest standards in this field. Our team of engineers have years of experience in electronic circuit designing, multilayer PCB designing, embedded programming, customised software and web applications. With these resources at our disposal we definitely play a vital & distinctive role in the industry.

Corporate Culture

At the heart of our comprehensive value concept is the person – as customer, employee, supplier, or as part of our environment. For this reason, Aptinex has set up guidelines which represent responsible and sustainable corporate behavior:

  • Our customers are the most important people for our business success. Their satisfaction and success secure our future.
  • Our customers decide whether or not a business connection is to be set up. Our work consists in helping customers to achieve the success they desire. We seek long-lasting, sustainable business relationships.
  • Aptinex offers its customers the best customer service, which is universally acknowledged and sets standards in our market segment.
  • The existence of our Company and our market position is based solely on the committed and positive cooperation of all employees.
  • Employee satisfaction in Aptinex is an important measure of our corporate success.
  • The health and safety of our employees and customers is the highest priority. Every impairment means avoidable suffering for those affected. We are aware of our special responsibility for precautions and prevention.
  • The company supports new ideas and creativity, which are necessary to maintain our lead and remain faster and better than the competition.
  • Protection of the environment and economical handling of natural resources are a matter of course for us.

The Way We Work

Building a perfect solution is a complicated task and the process of developing involves a series of modules. Thorough analysis has to be carried out to achieve untarnished pin point of quality. And we use our unique management methods to boost the designs and the developments while perpetually monitor the quality by simultaneous testing.

Our policy of approach to serve you has two main objectives,

  1. Work with you to share all the information
  2. Maintain a long term relationship

Our Strength

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced members who have graduated either in computer science or electronic engineering and possess years of experience in development of systems locally as well as internationally.

We consider that the skills and experiences are two important dimensions of our strength, but there are a lot more available to spice up our strength in order to provide the best information solutions.

Management & Proper Consultancy

Our organization culture and unique management techniques are another two arms that strengthen us. We always uphold the ethics of our organisation culture by maintaining a high standard of team spirit. The most significant dimensions of our project management strength are the proper planning, coordination, monitoring and communication.

Team Work

Team work generates high performances, enthusiasm, inspirations, innovations, etc… and finally best quality products.

Generating the End Solution

First, we have a clearly defined, unmistakable, specific objective. Secondly, each part of the project has a specific task to be carried out by the team. These tasks are carefully supervised during the development process. Therefore we believe that there is a positive, clear-cut, unquestioned direction of the project at all levels. With years of experience in the field we can definitely say the end solution will be the most successful & satisfying result in the accomplishment of our overall mission.

Customer Satisfaction

We continuously communicate with customers and get their feed back to ascertain the performances of the systems we have introduced. We realise that Analysing through proper methods to eliminate drawbacks and meet customer requirements is a key to meet the customer satisfaction. Customer care Aptinex is totally committed to deliver software solutions involving both system and application software expertise to meet all customer requirements. In the process of achieving them, we have entered into collaborative relationship with our customers, which enable us to give our expertise and make the product as needed. We can guide through every stage of the product life cycle and manage 100% of the products or work alongside customer’s own-house professionals on a consulting or training capacity. Our level of participation depends on customer’s business needs and the level of help they desire.