Embedded development requires a different set of skills, and Aptinex has them. We’ve acquired our skills over many years of working with hardware companies and myriads of products.We have experience on the following embedded platforms:

  • Atmel ATMega and ATTiny microcontrollers
  • Microchip PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers
  • Xilinx FPGAs
  • Altera FPGAs
  • Atmel ARM processors

Whether it’s about specifying architectures, implementing hardware and software, determining system requirements and test criteria, or defining your project’s scope, schedule and milestones, Aptinex‚Äôs meticulous planning and management arei nstrumental to your development success.

We deliver documented source code developed using a structured design methodology so you can minimize software maintenance costs during the product life-cycle. Our embedded experience includes.

  • Firmware design and development
  • Embedded firmware using ASM, C, C++, tools, and debuggers
  • GPS based tracking systems
  • GPRS based alert systems
  • Wireless technology
  • LED sign boards
  • LCD displays
  • Development of Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • Device drivers for embedded systems
  • Graphics algorithms
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and customization
  • Algorithms for size and performance optimization
  • Embedded Security and Cryptography
  • Extensive USB projects, on both the driver and host side

Our focus is on algorithms, performance optimizations, and software related to engineering. We put the technical in software. Many of our developers have a B.Sc. in Electronics or Computer Science. We know the hardware intimately and have the knowledge to squeeze it for every last bit of performance. Our EE+IT combination sets us apart from other software and firmware developers. And we’re not afraid to pick up a soldering iron when needed.